Labour Consultancy

In the interest of your business running smoothly, as well as strict fulfillment of the legal requirements, we provide complete, up-to-date consultancy with regard to employment and social security law.

Our labour department has the necessary technology and qualified staff to respond the best we can to your company’s needs, carrying out as many procedures as necessary to do so. Among these, the following can be listed:

  • Registering companies and self-employed workers in the Social Security system and their potential modifications.
  • Variation of workers’ data in Social Security.
  • Work contracts, analysis of potential allowances, creation of contractual clauses, extensions, conversions, etc., with all of this being communicated to the State Public Employment Service.
  • Preparation and sending of pay slips, adapting to all sorts of variations.
  • Preparation of accounting reports on the cost of workers. Social insurances preparation and sending.
  • Broadening social-labour techniques Dismissals.
  • Review of the company’s collective agreements.
  • Salary analysis.
  • Attendance at the Work Inspection.
  • Procedures relating to employment regulation proceedings/bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Staff meetings
  • Preparation and presentation of pensions, benefits and subsidies/bonuses to Social Security.
  • Legal and labour consultancy and representation.