Patent, trademark and industrial design registration

The registration of your trademark is a requirement that you must fulfil so that your company name is put on record and your products and services can be exclusively designated. Failure to do this means that you run the risk of any competitor registering your trademark, thus preventing you from using it and rendering your advertising investment unfruitful. 
By registering your trademark, you will have a first-rate commercial weapon: an exclusive trademark that will gain value and prestige as your company develops until it becomes an important asset, capable of opening doors to new business opportunities such as licensing or franchising, for example.
Did you know? If you register your trademark you can….
•    …stop others from using it
•    …sell, license or franchise it
•    …if no opposition to an identical trademark request is filed, the trademark is granted

…that your trademark…
•    ...will be one of your company’s greatest assets, and an efficient way of controlling competition
•    …infringement of the trademark is penalised and entails the payment of liquidated damages
•    …to avoid identical or similar registrations, we provide a permanent surveillance service