Car Processes Management

Vehicle Transfer

At Gestoría Pérez y Porras we will help you with all of the processes involved in the buying and selling of cars, that is to say, the transfer of registered keeper (owner) of said car. We also give advice on aspects as important as knowing if the vehicle is free of charges or if it is pending payment of some road taxes. Leave these procedures in our hands and avoid unexpected problems.

To carry out these processes, it is important to highlight that the following documentation is required:

  • The vehicle’s original documentation: ficha técnica (technical specification sheet) and permiso de circulación (logbook).
  • Both the buyer and seller’s personal documentation.
  • The vehicle’s paid IVTM road tax.

If the vehicle is sold by a company, the invoice from the sale is also required.

Vehicle Importation

The vehicle importation process brings with it a series of procedures that can turn into a serious headache if you are not well advised. Allow us guide you through the process by helping you gather all of the documentation and subsequently present it to the competent authority.

To carry out vehicle importation, the following documentation is necessary:

  • Original vehicle documentation from its country of origin.
  • The owner’s personal documentation.

In the event of importing a vehicle that you are not the owner of, the following documentation is required:

  • Supporting documentation of the vehicle’s purchase (buying contract or invoice).
  • The seller’s personal documentation.


We can help you to manage the loss or theft of your driving license or vehicle’s permiso de circulación (logbook) so that you can avoid all annoyances.

To request a duplicate of your logbook, following documentation is required:

  • The vehicle’s ficha técnica (technical specification sheet).
  • The owner’s personal documentation.

To request a duplicate of your driving licence the following documentation is required:

  • Personal documentation.
  • A passport-sized photo.

Declare the vehicle off the road

We handle the declaration of your vehicle off the road before the Provincial Traffic Headquarters. This off road notification will be temporary, since a permanent vehicle off road declaration must be managed by an authorised treatment facility (scrapyard) that proceeds to scrap your vehicle.

The advantages of temporary off road declaration are:

  • You can reinstate your vehicle whenever you want and begin to use it again.
  • Avoid having to pay road taxes to the corresponding council.
  • You are not obliged to take out vehicle insurance and therefore have no unnecessary costs.
  • You do not have to pass the ITV vehicle inspection.

To carry out the off road notification the following documentation is required:

  • The vehicle’s original documentation.
  • The owner’s personal documentation.
  • Proof of the last payment of the vehicle’s IVTM road tax.